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The Digital Imaging and Remote Sensing (DIRS) Laboratory is a research group within the Chester F. Carlson Center for Imaging Science. Our work focuses on the development of hardware and software tools to facilitate the extraction of information from remotely sensed data of the earth and the education of students who will continue this work for government agencies and private industry.DIRS Students Fall 2010DIRS Students Fall 2010 The DIRS group is made up of faculty and research staff working with over 30 students ranging from the Baccalaureate through Doctoral level. Most students are degree candidates in Imaging Science, but students from other departments, such as Engineering, Physics,Mathematics and Computer Science are often part of the student population supporting our research initiatives. This year also saw the inclusion of several high school interns who were provided the opportunity to participate in research projects and learn more about imaging science.

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RIT supports the Japanese Earthquake / Tsunami Disaster Relief Effort

RIT aids Haiti relief effort with advanced remote sensing technologies

The IPLER webpage with more information about our data collection in support of the Haiti Relief Effort.

Emmett Ientilucci
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My interests are in geometric and stochastic hyperspectral target detection as well as improvements to the physics based modeling approach as it pertains to the development of target spaces. In general, anything to do with HSI and radiometry.


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